Why Green?

Have you ever been pinched by someone for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day? In this blog I will be telling you a few facts about “The holiday of green.” First fact, why do they use green for St.Patty’s day? Green is thought to keep the mischievous faries away, or it makes you invisible to them. Why do you pinch people? You pinch Clover Patchpeople to remind them that if you don’t wear green, you are not immune to mischievous faries. What do people eat for St.Patrick’s day. For this holiday, some of the favorites are Irish bacon and cabbage. One tradition of St.Patrick’s day in America is dyeing the Chicago river green. This is some of back round of St.Patrick’s day and some fun facts to go with it.

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Tremendously Tasty Treats

This week me and Makennah baked even more! We got to make a Cherry Pie Smoothie. This was a delicious treat and was super easy to make! We also got to start our filming for our Elevator speech. It was so much fun making PINK BOB come to life. We dressed up in a pink dress with a furry pink mustache and some pink jewelry. We also got some more video editing done. We are about half way to getting our first video uploaded. As you can see we got a lot accomplished.

I am feeling very confident about my project. Even though we are a little behind, there is no reason to not get cought right back up. We are running just a little behind when it comes to editing our videos. So far we have gotten 2 videos video taped and zero edited. We are still working on editing them though, it will take more time. Video editing takes a lot more time than you would think. In addition to it taking more time, our video is also scrambled. I mean that when we put all the pieces into our editing software, they were way out of order. This is why I am vLavender Cake Donutery confident about my project.

Our next deadline is getting our first video up onto YouTube. This is running a little bit behind scedual because of the editing software though. There is only one way to solve this though… working on it. As long as we put time and effort into editing our video, it should be up in no time. Another deadline is getting the Elevator speech video taped and turned in. We are almost there, it takes more time to video tape, especially when you get rapped up in making the character PINK BOB come alive.  This is our next deadline.

One problem we ran into this week was not being able to focus. When we were video taping our video, the character PINK BOB has an interesting personality and is very hard to work with. We have had trouble staying on topic with PINK BOB and not having side conversations between PINK BOB and ourselves. One way we can fix it is setting our minds strait. We just need to keep reminding ourselves to stay on task. This is the problem we ran into and how we can fix it. Have you ever had a character that you made up that was so funny you couldn’t stop laughing? If you have I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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Our First Video! (Almost)

This week we made our first video! I would tell you what we made it about, but I would hate to ruin the surprise. We made our video on Thursday night and what we did was as we made the video we would tape separate parts and we are currently editing it in hopes of getting it finished to put up on YouTube in the next week or two. We are currently using IMovie to edit our videos, but if anybody has any recommendations on what free software to use, that would bRetro Graduation Cakee a big help. We finished our script on our elevator speech and that script is hilarious. Our character that we are talking too is the funniest thing ever, I can’t wait to share that with you!

I am feeling very confident about our project. Me and Makennah are a little bit behind schedule, but nothing we cant catch up on. We set up our account on YouTube and we also baked and are going to video tape our elevator really soon. I am feeling pretty confident in our elevator speech too. We have our hilarious script and we are great speakers, I think we can do it, and we can do it well. This is why I feel confident on both the project and the elevator speech.

For next week we are supposed to have our first video uploaded by the end of next week. Me and Makennah are currently working on editing it. We may not get it edited by the end of next week, but maybe the week after. All of our deadlines were pushed back because of the elevator speech. It was thrown into our timeline unexpectedly so we had to move our deadlines back. These are the deadlines for next week.

Some of the issues we are having our not having enough time to do our project. Me and Makennah are both very busy girls and don’t have much time to get together. We have limited time when we are together and baking is very time consuming. We are trying to coordinate schedules. We have just enough free time to bake with each other to keep our project going. We are just going to keep communicating with each other. These are the issues I have had and how I solved them.

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Delicious Delicacies

Hello, today I will be telling you about the progress I have made in my 20% project. First I will be telling you what I have accomplished this week. So far this week I have finished everything, but the lead, on my elevator speech outline, ( if you don’t know what my elevator speech is, than go to a few of my earlier posts, such as 20% project, The Weekly Meeting, or Tasty Treats.)  In our elevator speech we have to have a tag line, or catch phrase, that we had to come up with our selves. For our catch phrase we used the movie Wall-e. If you have never seen Wall-e at the begining all the people were obese. We based our catch phrase off of that and said, ” Don’t live in a Wall-e world, live in a healthy one.”

This week I would like to set up a YouTube channel. As long as it is possible we would like to have it up by Monday. We will not have our first video posted till about the end of march, at latest, make sure too check it out! By the end of next week, or next weekend, I would also liked to try out a recipe or too for our YouTube channel. We have baked 3 treats already and 2 of them tasted terrible and the third was a huge hit, becasue of this we decied to test all of our recipes before we post them online.

I am feeling very confident with our project. Makennah and I have been working on our project with great ambitions. Our goals our reasnoable and we have met all of them so far. Some of the goals we have met are making 1 or 2 recipes, as well as taste test them. I would like to know if you have any goals? If you do make sure too comment them.

Tasty Treats

For this blog I will be giving you  progress update on my 20% project. This week we have worked on our elevator speech. We have started the outline for this. If I haven’t already explained this to you it is a speech it is a speech you give trying to convince a person to give you money or supplies for the cause you want. I feel that our project is going very well, although we need to make sure we continue baking. I know my mentor personally, but have not met with her yet about the project. I plan to soon, she comes down to visit me pretty frequently. Our plans for next week are to try out a healthy recipe or too. I will make sure to let you know how it goes.

The Weekly Meeting

This may seem like a silly title for the blog that I am writing, it has a theme of a work meeting, (anything in parentheses) Well back to what this blog is actually supposed to be about. I am going to give a boring ol’ progress report, you know the ones your parents come home from work complaining about because they had to sit in a 2 1/2 hour long meeting where they hardly did anything in. I am going to give you a progress report on my 20% project ( If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote about it in my last blog.) Well so far me and my partner Makennah have made a great deal of progress. ( And you sit down at the meeting while your boss starts dully reading a huge stack of papers.) We created a power point for all of our recipes that we might potentially do. We also gave the proposal speech I mentioned in my last blog, it was great!!! ( The guy across from you starts snoring, so you kick him to wake him up.)  We made Chocolate Moose for a presentation aide. It was a big hit! ( You start to doze off yourself.) I am feeling very confident in our project this week, I think it will turn out great! One problem we did run into though was that our date for the proposal speech continued to get moved back, since we were baking treats for our presentation, we had to keep it fresh. With our busy schedules it was hard to find a time, we eventually did. We contacted our mentors for our project, who happen to be our Grandmothers. We also created a time line with all of our deadlines. This is our “table of deadlines”. Thank you for reading.


1/27 Have majority of recipes collected
2/10 Have a youtube channel set up
2/24 Have our first video done
3/10 Try a recipe or two
3/24 Third video done
4/7 Try another recipe or two
4/21 Forth video done
5/5 Have fifth video done
5/19 Collect more recipes

20% Project

Hello, today I will be telling you about this project we are doing in school, its called the 20% project. If you haven’t heard of this project it is where you can do a project, in or out of school. Then you share the projeGingerbreadct with a TED talk. What I am doing in summary is, making a YouTube channel on healthier baking. We will do it sort of like Nerdy Nummies, but with heathly recipes. I am working with a good friend, Makennah I will put a link to her blog down below. This book is targeted towards younger bakers, 9-15. What I did this week was I finished an outline for our proposal to our teacher. Currently I am working on my speech for our proposal. I have run into the problem of communication with my friend, about our project. What I did was she discussed with her parents about texting me about her project, she was allowed. This is my 20% project, I will be posting more about this every week as I go along. Have you ever done a project like the one I’m doing? If so I’d love to hear about it!

I did a community service project last year, me and a friend made crafts through out the year and then donated them to a nursing home to create smiles. If you would like see more of what it is about please check out our website.

Our Crafting Webpage, Cutesy Crafts

Here is the link to my partners blog.  Makennah’s Blog ( Blog link above also )


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Fun in the Sun

In this post I will be telling you about a few places to go visit. How about we start in the Bahama’s. The Bahama’s are a beautiful place from their beaches to their wildlife. One of the big tourist atrraction#EPCOT Ball Spaceship Earth Disney Monorail 2015s beside the beaches is Atlantis. Atlantis is a resort and waterpark. They have one ride where you can shoot strait down a clear tube and then go in the middle of a glass tank with sharks, but don’t worry you are still in the tube. Another thing you can do is go snorkeling. If you are unfamilar with snorkeling it is when you are in your swim suit with a snorkel and your tourist takes you soemwhere with beautiful aqautic life. After that you float on the surface and admire the widlife. This is a little infoation on the Bahama’s .

Now I will tell you about Disney World. If you don’t live in America then you most likely have never been to Disney World in Orlando, Flordia. Let me tell you it is some thing else. In Disney World there are many things you can do , no matter what the age. There is rollercoasters’, rides for a littler child, and meet in greets with your favorite Disney charecters. One of their most famous rollercoasters is Space Mountain. This is an in door rollercoaster, in a dome shaped building. You go through this amazing little adventure, with lots of cool effects, of course. Another one is Test Track. In this ride you get to create your car virtualy, unforanluy you don’t get to ride it. Then you get to “test” ride a car. You go through a series of jerks and twists, then for the grand finale you get to go from 0 to 64.9 MPH in less than 3 seconds.

The last thing I will tell you about is Hilton Head Island. This is an island in South Carolina, US. It has beautiful beaches along with many things you can do. One thing you can do is go canoeing or kayakiSegways & the Cityng. When you do this you have a tour guide. They take you out not to far from shore and tell you about the history of the land, and some of the things that are there now. One thing I learned on that tour was the reason none of the building are above the tree tops is because of a type of turtle that is guided to the water by the light when the moon relects on the ocean, so if the turtles see the light of the town they will follow it and can get harmed. This is acully a law. Another thing you can do is take a segway tour. If you don’t know what a Segway is, it is a hoverboard with a neck and handles like a scooter. Have you ever been on vacation? If so where and what did you do?

Here’s some more places to go on vacation;


More Vacations


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Get Involved

In this post I will be telling you about a  community I’m in and what I want to be involved in. First what I am already in. When she said community’s the 1st thing that popped into my head was my swim community. I just started swim this year and have only swam in a few meets, but that is irrelevant. Some of the responsibilities I2016_11_25CWSwimDay1 (38) have while being in my swim community are, showing up to practices and meets, focusing in practice, and taking care of the pool and my belongings. Some of the pros to this community is that I get to swim 3-4 times a week, I also get to gain a new experience of life while swimming. Some of the cons of being in this community are, it’s very time consuming. I am at swim practice 3 times a week each practice averaging 1 hour and 50 minutes. I also have to bring more things to practice, such as, water bottle, pull buoy, kick board, fins, goggles, swim cap, clothes to change into, towel, extra shoes for the pool. As you can see this is a lengthy list. What community are you a part of? Now for what I would like to part of when I get older.

I would absolutely love to a volunteer at my local animal shelter. This would make me a part of the animal shelter community. I a2010212 bear the bichon mix contemplating - Shelley the Groomer - Downers Grove - Shelley@groomingbyshelley.comdore all animals, in the past year or two even reptiles have grown on me. Some of the pros of working at an animal shelter would be getting to work with animals. It would also be that I would get to feel good because I am volunteering and helping the community in a whole. Some of the cons are that I would have to take lots of allergy medicine because I am allergic to most furry animals. Another con is I would have to let all the animals go to owners, witch would be heart breaking considering I get attached to animals quite easily. Some of the responsibility I would have by volunteering at an animal is, I would have to show up to the shelter every day I volenteer. I would also have to do the tasks that I am asked to do. This is the community I would like to be in. What would you like to be in?

Here is how to get involved in your community: How to Get Involved in Your Community.

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From good to gross- School Lunches

20161122-183404-1qppach.jpgHello, this is not the first blog I’ve written on lunch and how bad I think it is, therefore you can conclude that school lunches must be a pretty important issue to me. If you did make that assumption, you are correct. In this post though I will be comparing school lunches now, from when my parents were kids. When my parents were in 6th grade, well that was 28 years ago, so in 1988. So first I will tell you about school lunches today. I’m sure you have had school lunch at least once in your life, and I’m sure you have your own opinion, but even so I’d love to hear your opinion. (Real school lunch from our school)

Back to the point, at our school we are given few (gross) options. For example on most Thursdays we are served mushy green beans, fat filled mashed potato’s, and RAW chicken nuggets. Let me

4569761556_a6154df160_zask you this question, would you honestly eat this?

Now lets go back about 30 years ago to when my parents were kids they got to eat good food. I interviewed my and my mom said she would get baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, salt, and pepper. When we get baked potatoes, witch we rarely do, we get them plain, with sour cream at most. Even sometimes the sour cream is not there. Another one of my parents favorite foods was the school pizza. Now most everybody knows that pizza isn’t healthy and it is hard to make it healthy, therefore after Michelle Obama’s plan to import more healthy food, the food is now gross.  The pizza back then was like the pizza you would find at Papa Johns. I really do think that nutrition in school lunch is important, but having edible and tasty food is just as important. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments, or even write your own post about it. Thank You!

Here is the link to more about Michelle Obama’s Healthy Food Options and Regulations.


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