The Weekly Meeting

This may seem like a silly title for the blog that I am writing, it has a theme of a work meeting, (anything in parentheses) Well back to what this blog is actually supposed to be about. I am going to give a boring ol’ progress report, you know the ones your parents come home from work complaining about because they had to sit in a 2 1/2 hour long meeting where they hardly did anything in. I am going to give you a progress report on my 20% project ( If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote about it in my last blog.) Well so far me and my partner Makennah have made a great deal of progress. ( And you sit down at the meeting while your boss starts dully reading a huge stack of papers.) We created a power point for all of our recipes that we might potentially do. We also gave the proposal speech I mentioned in my last blog, it was great!!! ( The guy across from you starts snoring, so you kick him to wake him up.)  We made Chocolate Moose for a presentation aide. It was a big hit! ( You start to doze off yourself.) I am feeling very confident in our project this week, I think it will turn out great! One problem we did run into though was that our date for the proposal speech continued to get moved back, since we were baking treats for our presentation, we had to keep it fresh. With our busy schedules it was hard to find a time, we eventually did. We contacted our mentors for our project, who happen to be our Grandmothers. We also created a time line with all of our deadlines. This is our “table of deadlines”. Thank you for reading.


1/27 Have majority of recipes collected
2/10 Have a youtube channel set up
2/24 Have our first video done
3/10 Try a recipe or two
3/24 Third video done
4/7 Try another recipe or two
4/21 Forth video done
5/5 Have fifth video done
5/19 Collect more recipes

20% Project

Hello, today I will be telling you about this project we are doing in school, its called the 20% project. If you haven’t heard of this project it is where you can do a project, in or out of school. Then you share the projeGingerbreadct with a TED talk. What I am doing in summary is, making a YouTube channel on healthier baking. We will do it sort of like Nerdy Nummies, but with heathly recipes. I am working with a good friend, Makennah I will put a link to her blog down below. This book is targeted towards younger bakers, 9-15. What I did this week was I finished an outline for our proposal to our teacher. Currently I am working on my speech for our proposal. I have run into the problem of communication with my friend, about our project. What I did was she discussed with her parents about texting me about her project, she was allowed. This is my 20% project, I will be posting more about this every week as I go along. Have you ever done a project like the one I’m doing? If so I’d love to hear about it!

I did a community service project last year, me and a friend made crafts through out the year and then donated them to a nursing home to create smiles. If you would like see more of what it is about please check out our website.

Our Crafting Webpage, Cutesy Crafts

Here is the link to my partners blog.  Makennah’s Blog ( Blog link above also )


 Picture by: Creative Commons License Alexis Lewis via Compfight