Why Green?

Have you ever been pinched by someone for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day? In this blog I will be telling you a few facts about “The holiday of green.” First fact, why do they use green for St.Patty’s day? Green is thought to keep the mischievous¬†faries away, or it makes you invisible to them. Why do you pinch people? You pinch Clover Patchpeople to remind them that if you don’t wear green, you are not immune to mischievous faries. What do people eat for St.Patrick’s day. For this holiday, some of the favorites are Irish bacon and cabbage. One tradition of St.Patrick’s day in America is dyeing the Chicago river green. This is some of back round of St.Patrick’s day and some fun facts to go with it.

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Tremendously Tasty Treats

This week me and Makennah baked even more! We got to make a Cherry Pie Smoothie. This was a delicious treat and was super easy to make! We also got to start our filming for our Elevator speech. It was so much fun making PINK BOB come to life. We dressed up in a pink dress with a furry pink mustache and some pink jewelry. We also got some more video editing done. We are about half way to getting our first video uploaded. As you can see we got a lot accomplished.

I am feeling very confident about my project. Even though we are a little behind, there is no reason to not get cought right back up. We are running just a little behind when it comes to editing our videos. So far we have gotten 2 videos video taped and zero edited. We are still working on editing them though, it will take more time. Video editing takes a lot more time than you would think. In addition to it taking more time, our video is also scrambled. I mean that when we put all the pieces into our editing software, they were way out of order. This is why I am vLavender Cake Donutery confident about my project.

Our next deadline is getting our first video up onto YouTube. This is running a little bit behind scedual because of the editing software though. There is only one way to solve this though… working on it. As long as we put time and effort into editing our video, it should be up in no time. Another deadline is getting the Elevator speech video taped and turned in. We are almost there, it takes more time to video tape, especially when you get rapped up in making the character PINK BOB come alive. ¬†This is our next deadline.

One problem we ran into this week was not being able to focus. When we were video taping our video, the character PINK BOB has an interesting personality and is very hard to work with. We have had trouble staying on topic with PINK BOB and not having side conversations between PINK BOB and ourselves. One way we can fix it is setting our minds strait. We just need to keep reminding ourselves to stay on task. This is the problem we ran into and how we can fix it. Have you ever had a character that you made up that was so funny you couldn’t stop laughing? If you have I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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Our First Video! (Almost)

This week we made our first video! I would tell you what we made it about, but I would hate to ruin the surprise. We made our video on Thursday night and what we did was as we made the video we would tape separate parts and we are currently editing it in hopes of getting it finished to put up on YouTube in the next week or two. We are currently using IMovie to edit our videos, but if anybody has any recommendations on what free software to use, that would bRetro Graduation Cakee a big help. We finished our script on our elevator speech and that script is hilarious. Our character that we are talking too is the funniest thing ever, I can’t wait to share that with you!

I am feeling very confident about our project. Me and Makennah are a little bit behind schedule, but nothing we cant catch up on. We set up our account on YouTube and we also baked and are going to video tape our elevator really soon. I am feeling pretty confident in our elevator speech too. We have our hilarious script and we are great speakers, I think we can do it, and we can do it well. This is why I feel confident on both the project and the elevator speech.

For next week we are supposed to have our first video uploaded by the end of next week. Me and Makennah are currently working on editing it. We may not get it edited by the end of next week, but maybe the week after. All of our deadlines were pushed back because of the elevator speech. It was thrown into our timeline unexpectedly so we had to move our deadlines back. These are the deadlines for next week.

Some of the issues we are having our not having enough time to do our project. Me and Makennah are both very busy girls and don’t have much time to get together. We have limited time when we are together and baking is very time consuming. We are trying to coordinate schedules. We have just enough free time to bake with each other to keep our project going. We are just going to keep communicating with each other. These are the issues I have had and how I solved them.

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