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Hello, today I will be telling you about 3 blogs from the Flipborad Magizene. When you are finished doing this you can check out the magizene at Flipboard Magizene

The first post I read was Anisha’s blog. She wrote a very interesting article about junk food, good vs bad. She wrote that junk food can do bad things like make you fat, but can also give you some nutrience that other foods don’t give you. Comment to her what you think. The next blog I visited was Loicis’s Blog. His blog was an article about why he thinks that Trump shouldn’t be our president. In my comment I said that I thought it was awesome that he wasn’t afraid to express his opinion. Check his post out he has some very interesting reasoning. The third blog I visited was Jenng’s Blog. She wrote about traveling. I told her about some of my traveling experiences in my comment. These are the 3 blogs I visited, please go visit their sites. Thank you!




More Commenting Rules

Hello, today I will be telling you about some helpful commenting guidelines for better commenting. A lot of times you disagree or agree with a post and/or comment, or you like or dislike you should always leave an effective comment. Sometimes its hard to start a comment. So when I learned how to I was given some started. So I figured that I would give some of these things to you. Here are some conversation starers:

  • I can relate to this because…
  • I wish you would have…
  • This reminds me of…
  • I wonder…
  • I realized…
  • You could improve by…
  • I liked this…Although you could improve on this

I hope you find this helpful. If you would like more…. Please visit these websites.

Commenting Tips                   Comment Starters

Count Out 3

In this post I will be telling you about 3 blogs I visited and commented on. I will also give you the links to what I commented on so you can check it out too. The first blog is Adriana’s Blog. She made a puzzle sentence. What she did was took 5 pictures and then asked you to guess what sentence those pictures make. I never thought of doing this, I want you to go to her blog then look at the pictures, leave a comment to her about what you think it was and then leave a comment to me with your comment, or comment to me about what you thought it was.

The second blog I visited was Aleena’s Blog. Her post was about who she was going to be for Halloween. I know its a little late to be reading this post, but I thought it was cool that she posted it. You have to go visit her blog and comment to her post. Also comment on this post to who you were for Halloween.

The third blog I visited was Lola’s Blog. She wrote a very convincing argument about why we should have a flexible classroom. I can’t put her words in anyway like she did, but I complain a lot about how school isn’t as fun. If you would like to read more please go and check out her blog.

Mt Favorite Non-Technology Games

Today I will be telling you about some of my favorite non-tecnology games. I will tell you about 3 games, 1 of witch is a board game. The 1st game I will be telling you about is Grog. This game works best with larger amounts of people, depending on the amount of space you have. The first time I played this game we played at youth group in a church basmen4497211501_9d8721d3cb_mt. I played with about 10 people. First off a Grog is a ugly gremlin type creature. You choose 2 Grog’s. If a Grog tags you, you are frozen until someone comes and tags you again to unfreeze you. Have someone who is not playing the game take apart a flashlight in to 4 pieces. The lenses, the body, and 2 batteries. Have that person hide them wherever, depending on how difficult you want it to be. Then wait in a hallway or outside where you cannot see the person that is hiding the pieces so that you do not see where pieces are hidden. Everyone except for the grog go out. Wait 20 seconds before Groggs come in. Did I mention you play this in the dark. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.👍🏻

🚩Capture the flag: This is another one of my favorite games. You will need a an area that you can split into two or more boundaries. You will need to divide players into even teams. You will also need as many objects to use as “flags” as you have teams. You must hide your flag somewhere, the goal of the game if you try to steal another teams flag. Some of the common roof I normally play with our if you step into another teams boundaries and a tag you then you are put in there jail until someone from your team comes and tags you out. Then you get a free walk back but the person who tags you out does not. If you have any more questions please comment. Have fun. 😁

Quelf: This is probably one of my top three favorite board game. This game is very abnormal. 7025887853_bf99ab4c75_mThe Basic rules of this game is that you must obey the card. There are four types of cards. There is a rules card, there is a quiz card, there is a dare card, and there is a listing card. One example of a real card is that you have to speak like an angry elf you just burned his cookies 🍪. An example of a dare card is you must sit under a chair until your next turn. Quiz cards ask you funny questions such as how many foot prints did Neil Armstrong leave on the moon 🌙. This is a family friendly game is very fun to play especially with friends. Hope you have lots of fun playing this fun game.🤗

Here are 2 other sites for more games:

Games          More Games

Pictures from: All pictures from Flickr

Flashlight: atlnav             Quelf: Cezary Bory

Lunch Improvements

Today I will tell you about one of the very important issues – school lunches. In school lunch, we do not have a very big selection. Most foods are not even healthy. Last year at my elementary school, I found 2 raw chicken nuggets, and after that, I refused to eat school lunch again. Having healthy food, let alone cooked food, is very important for kids who can’t get the right nutrition outside of school, or for kids who can’t pack a healthy lunch. My school has a whole lot of propaganda. They promote healthy foods, and make you get at least 2 fruits or veggies when you get your food which are all gross and mushy. Now, here is how I can help improve that.

Getting the right nutrition is very important to me and my friends. Finding raw chicken nuggets and mussy fruits and veggies is not right. I want to make sure that kids get healthy lunches. To do that, I must tell lunch ladies to warn them of this inedible food. This may make them aware they are serving inedible food. The second way I will have better nutrition in schools is to put up posters in school and out to make other people aware and get them involved. This is how I will make my lunch improvements come to life.



Hi, today I will be telling you about my experiences with emergencies. I used to live in mid Indiana where tornadoes were quite frequent and not a shock to most residents. Now that I live in Kentucky, there hasn’t been a tornado in the 3 1/2 years I’ve lived here, but about 2 or so weeks ago there was a tornado, now since I’ve been through many tornadoes you would
think that my familDodge City KS Tornado 1y would be prepared for something like this. Unfortunately, though ,we were not. I was at soccer practice when the sky started turning gray, my coach (Dad) called and told everyone to get in there car and go home. As we got close to home we heard the tornado siren, honestly I started to panic. When we got home we started gathering supplies such as candles and flashlights an
d a few of our devices to help give light, though this was a struggle because we weren’t prepared. We had very few flashlights and they were stuffed in the backs of draws. We also had very few candles, although in surprised that we even had any. The storm eventually pasted and every thing was fine. I think that from now on we will be more prepared by buying more flashlights, candles, and even a portable radio. I would love to hear about your emergencies and how you prepared for them.

Picture from:

Creative Commons License Lane Pearman via Compfight

The U.S.A

Hey, today I will be telling you about the U.S. I will give you some fun facts about the U.S. Here we go!

  • 2549595255_8ff443bcc2_mOur current flag was designed by a 17 year old. He got a B- on that school assignment, how funny is that!!!
  • America sells enough pizza every day to cover 100 acres of land! That makes me hungry… What about you?
  • The U.S 3630322910_51505e1559_mhas the biggest Air Force in the world!
  • Statistically the American president is the deadliest job in the world. Good thing there is only 1 of them!
  • About 1 in 3 of Americans have their fingerprints on file for the FBI. Guess we have a lot of criminals!
  • Did you know that Americans are required to go to school from 1st to 12th grade. How many years are you required to go to school?



Here’s the website I used for my facts:  http://www.rd.com/culture/america-fascinating-facts/

Here’s the credit to the images https://www.flickr.com/photos/royal65/




Railroad Poem

Wentloog, Cardiff Jeremy Segrott via Compfight


Life is a railroad
It splits the good from the bad
The smart from the dumb
The silly from the serious
But did you know that it is also the future
It hold your destiny in a windy, curvy, and hilly path
So ride along your railroad and stay on its track